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Frequently asked questions

How to use AI in Tomat?

Download and install Load any CSV or Excel file. Add step "AI column" and ask AI to enrich, translate, analyze, cleanup your data. Ask literally anything. AI is here to help you with your routine tasks.

What skills are needed to start working with Tomat?

If you know Excel - it’s enough, no special technical knowledge required. Join our community if you have any questions

What platforms does you support? is compatible with Windows and macOS.

Can Tomat work with other file formats besides CSV and Excel?

Yes, we also support Excel files, PostgreSQL and Snowflake connectors. Write us to get access to database and data warehouse connectors.

Is Tomat safe and secure to use?

Yes, Tomat is designed to keep your data safe and private. The software works entirely on your local machine, and your files never leave your laptop. You maintain full control and ownership of your sensitive data.

Security and ChartGPT

We use official GPT-4 API and send them only data that you have ask to improve or enrich. We never send your private data in the cloud without your permission.