Analyze and automate Excel and CSV without code

Easy step-by-step interface. If you have ever worked with spreadsheets, your can start working with Tomat right away.

How it works

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Open files of any size

No need to upload large files to the Cloud, no ZIPs, no timeless loaders. Just open Tomat app and start exploring with point-and-click UI.

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Add visual steps

Filter, sort or group rows easily with intuitive drag-and-drop steps. Get instant result previews and automated data profiling.

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Merge multiple files

Easily merge sheets or files into a single table without formulas. Forget about changed columns indexes, errors and limitations of VLookup.

data distribution analytics

Automate your work

Never do the same work twice; every step you create is saved and can be replayed on new data with a click.

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Export results or build reports

Save cleaned and filtered data back to Excel and CSV. Or instead build stunning reports - it's like creating a presentation, but with live data that never fails.


Ask Tomat AI do all the work for you!

Enrich, translate, make sentiment analysis, cleanup or categorize data
with your personal AI assistant.
"I used to deal with messy CSVs from 10x
different sources and spent days continuously cleaning them up in Excel. With Tomat, I was
able to automate the process, ultimately
saving me nearly 30 hours per month."

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Frequently asked questions

How to use AI in Tomat?

Download and install Load any CSV or Excel file into Designer page. Add node "AI column" and ask AI to enrich, translate, analyze, cleanup your data. You have trial call of GPT4 model, when you out of trial calls, you can use your own token for free - read docs for details

What skills are needed to start working with Tomat?

If you know Excel - it’s enough, no special technical knowledge required. Join our community if you have any questions

What platforms does you support? is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Can Tomat work with other file formats besides CSV and Excel?

Yes, we also support Excel files, PostgreSQL and Snowflake connectors. Write us to get access to database and data warehouse connectors.

Is Tomat safe and secure to use?

Yes, Tomat is designed to keep your data safe and private. The software works entirely on your local machine, and your files never leave your laptop. You maintain full control and ownership of your sensitive data.

Security and ChartGPT

We use official GPT-4 API and send them only data that you have ask to improve or enrich. We never send your private data in the cloud without your permission.